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Welcome to the Canine Wingman website. My name is Randy Plante and I am the founder of the company, Oliver is my trusted canine sidekick and co-founder of the company. The same qualities that distinguish a loyal wingman in the military are also exhibited by our furry companions. They want to stay by our side, day and night; this is why we love them so much.

The overall plan is for this to be a social website for dog people- a way to unite the many dog lovers out there, not only in the Northern Virginia area, but around the world. Communication is key, I have set up many ways to get the word out: Facebook, Twitter, blog, and a monthly newsletter.

This website started as a way to promote my book but kept expanding because I wanted to include everything I wrote about- the bond that develops between a human and a dog, the benefits of adopting a dog, the many canine events and places to take them in the area, and the camaraderie that exists with people who have a passion for dogs. Check out all the sections of the site, and I hope to meet you at an event soon.

Randy and Oliver

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