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"I met you at the St. Patty's Day Parade here in Old Town with my husband and our pup Bella. We purchased two of your sent on to my father-in-law in Florida. I just finished mine!!!! Wonderful!!!! Can't thank you enough!! A heartwarming story of your love for Oliver and full of information for newbies to the area like us. I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I finished it wanting more."

Veronica | Alexandria, VA


"From beginning to end, this book is full of love, understanding and patience; but the greatest of these is love. Oliver is so much more than a dog!"

Beverly | Hagerstown, MD


"My Wingman Oliver reads like a love letter to the city of Alexandria and the love between a man and his dog. Anyone who has ever felt the unconditional love of a dog will relate and find comfort in what all us humans go through for our dogs and the countless rewards we receive in return. Our dogs, our roommates and companions who cannot speak to us with words but rather with their eyes, their tongues and tummies. This book speaks to the hearts of dog lovers, and hopefully will encourage more people to adopt their forever friend. I think the most important message is the importance of finding the right dog for you, and the importance of adoption. Plus, who can resist Oliver, that face, oh, I love that face!!!"

Shannon | Philadelphia, PA


"When I heard that Randy was getting a dog I thought he was a little nuts. How could an unmarried airline pilot possibly take care of a dog with his lifestyle and schedule? But after reading "My Wingman Oliver" I realized that once Randy adopted Oliver it became not a burden but truelly a joyful fullfilment to have this dog as part of his "family". It was truelly heart warming to read about his dedication to Oliver and how he changed his life. An additional benefit was how I found myself learning quite a bit of history about the local area of Washington DC and Alexandria, VA. My own dog Charlie (yellow lab) benefited as well. I find I treat him more respectfully after learning how to better care for him as Randy often recommends by trying to "think like a dog" I heartily recommend reading "My Wingman Oliver" and will be looking forward to its sequel."

Bruce W. | La Plata, MD


"I couldn't stop reading the book. I was so interested in seeing what Oliver would do in his next adventure! You have so many funny stories about your dog. Oliver is an amazing dog, but was such a challenge for you when you first adopted him. I also enjoyed the history you put into your book about Alexandria, VA. I have recently checked out your website, and see that you have adopted another dog, named Abby. I admire you for adopting abandoned dogs! It takes a special person to adopt abandoned dogs. Thank you for sharing your story."

M.J. | Fort Belvoir, VA


"My Wingman Oliver is a heartwarming and fun loving book. It is easy to read and we enjoyed it tremendously. Any animal lover will enjoy Randy's trials and tribulations when he adopted his best friend, Oliver. A must read book!!!"

Doug & Linda B. | Somerset, PA


"I highly recommend this book. Very descriptive and entertaining. I looked forward to each chapter to see what Oliver would be up to next. I will definitely be making a trip to Alexandria to check out all the dog parks this year because of this book."

Kevin B. | Maugansville, Md


"After reading My Wingman Oliver, there are so many places I want to visit in Old Town Alexandria and the surrounding DC area. I loved following Randy and Oliver along their journey from getting to know each other to developing their special bond. It was a heartwarming book with a likable cast and happy ending."

Tracy | Vienna, VA


"This is a "must read" book for anyone...especially if you have a dog or are thinking about getting one..It gives one a good perspective on the responsibilities that animal lovers/owners have or should have. Some of the "adventures" of Randy and Oliver get them into some really humorous outcomes. It makes you want to start the process of looking for a dog and going to places and doing things that Randy and Oliver do."

Alice | Keedysville, MD


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